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Michael Woods, Jack Smith and The Cinema of the Self


Na Valentinovo u petak 14.02. zbog dužine projekcije s nešto ranijim početkom u 19:00 u projekcijskoj sali Kino kluba Split u sklopu “Short(s) Petting” predprograma možete prisustvovati drugoj večeri gostujećih programera u veljači (nakon prošlotjedne prezentacije u “režiji” Nikole Gocića (Niš; Srbija). Svoju playlistu predstavlja Michael Woods, američki (Los Angeles based) eksperiemntalni filmski redatelj, video umjetnik, snimatelj, montažer i predavač.

“His work has been shown internationally, including at the Rotterdam International Film Festival (IFFR), Tribeca Film Festival, Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas, the Hamburg International Film Festival, Experimental Response Cinema, the Museum of Human Achievement, the Film Video Poetry Society, the Inattendus Bienniale, Festival Tous Courts Aix-en-Provence, Simultan, Echo Park Film Center, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, ATA Gallery, Vast Laboratories, and Montreal Underground, where he won the top prize in 2017 for his film, Commodity Trading: Election Day. His work has been televised in the US, France, Germany, and Australia; his work has been published/played on Cultured Vultures, Film International, L’etranger Radio Belgium, Film Panic, Art Reveal Magazine, and Avant-Kinema. Michael is a represented artist and occasionally curates at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, where in January of 2018, he installed/curated his first solo exhibit and group show. Michael’s first feature film, Dailies from Dumpland, was released in 2018 and premieres in Paris in October, 2018; he will be releasing three feature films and a long-form virtual reality video art project in 2019. A short version of this project was shown at VRLA 2018 and is the product of Michael’s VR Production: Making the Music Video class, in which students directly participated in the production of an avant-garde virtual reality music video. Michael edited, co-wrote, and sound designed the upcoming feature film, Am I Don Quixote?, written and directed by the Brooklyn Filmmaker’s Collective member, Jimmy Ferguson. After graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts for film production in 2010, he has been working as a film scanner/archivist, freelance editor, sound designer, and cinematographer on feature films, short films, commercials, and corporate videos. Clients including Netflix, Shell, Gensler, Persol Sunglasses, Tribeca Film Festival, Coca-Cola, the 2008 Barack Obama Presidential Campaign, Andra Day & Common, and NYU, where he also served as the managing editor for NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU’s Open Education Platform. He has 15 years experience as an editor, starting with Final Cut Studio; he worked extensively in Final Cut Pro 7, before switching to Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X, with additional working experience in Logic Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop, and After Effects. Michael has been working as a teacher since 2011. He was a creative trainer and store trainer at Apple from 2011-2013; from 2013-2015 he worked as a teacher at Downtown Community Television Center in Downtown Manhattan before moving to LA.”

Povodom prezentacije njegove playliste sastavljene od kratkih filmskih eksperimenta autora vezanih “AGITATE:21C” web-oriented grupom Michael je za potrebe Kino kluba Split sastavio autorsko obrazloženje koncepta:

“Agitate:21C is an all-inclusive international avant-garde that promotes artists of all types, all genders, and all races. It was founded by Xiaoer Liu, Gisela Guzmán, and M. Woods, but it has no leadership structure, and everyone has an equal voice. You can now be leaders in Agitate. This is Agitate’s first traveling screening series. It is a renegotiation of the term “Essential Cinema”. We stand against the homogenous white patriarchal institutions of both art and government, and we are working to radicalize media for the sake of furthering consciousness in art and restructuring these organizations in the image of the avant-garde. The Avant-garde is an attack, a front-line, a militaristic force, an assault, an infiltration, the vanguard, the bleeding edge. The Avant-Garde in a global village does not have a fixed dogma or perspective, but accepts all perspectives on avant-garde art practices. We operate as a splinter-cell network, so you can all create your own local chapters of Agitate and help build the avant-garde. If you want to participate in Agitate:21C, you can google: “Agitate 21:C” and find us on instagram, facebook, our blog, our vimeo and youtube channels, and other social media. Our facebook page is our temporary Agora, and it is public for those who do not have facebook. Please feel free to contact any of our members directly and create community. We are open to establishing community with you. From facebook you can access our manifestoes or you can begin to write your own. We understand that corporate controlled platforms are a necessary evil and can indeed be subverted for the sake of building the avant-garde, but anyone and everyone can be a member of Agitate. Connect to your local art hubs, cinematheques, create community, promote new work without formulas or boundaries, for the sake of demolishing homogenous white patriarchy and dominant cultures; and the media that supports it. Essential Cinema Volume 1 is our attempt at building an underground distribution network for avant-garde work. Kino Klub Split is a hub for the avant-garde and we ask you to continue to support this vital art space. Stay tuned for future events and happenings all over the world, including screenings, exhibits, guerilla projections, and political actions.”

U Michaelovom odabiru našli su se filmovi autora: Karissa Hahn, Nazlı Dinçel, Lynne Sachs, Sylvia Toy St. Louis, Morrison Gong, Jennifer Sharpe ft. sound by Rex Bruce, Gisela Guzmán, Kelly Gallagher, Anu Valia i Xiaoer Liu.

Nakon prezentacije kratkog eksperimentalnog programa u odabiru Michaela Woodsa s početkom u 20:30 iste večeri u središnjem terminu možete prisustvovati prvoj iz trosegmentnog ciklusa projekcija naslovljenih “BEYOND AND AFTER CINEMA OF TRANSGRESSION”. Tijekom tri termina petkom u sklopu ovog ciklusa prikazti čemo slijedeće filmove:

14.02.2020. Mary Jordan – Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis (2006)

21.02.2020. Richard Kern – Extra Action and Extra Hardcore (2007)

28.02.2020. Herschell Gordon Lewis – Something Weird (1967)

Tijekom iduća dva predprogramska termina petkom u veljači naši gosti programeri biti će Sebastian Jimenet Galindo (Mexico) i Giorgoe Efthiniou (Greece)

PETAK 14.02.2020.







(01) Karissa Hahn – Regal (2min, sound)

(02) Nazlı Dinçel – Untitled – (12min, sound)

(03) Lynne Sachs – Carolee, Barbara, Gunvor – (9min, sound)

(04) Sylvia Toy St. Louis – AND SO I SAID – (6min, sound)

(05) Morrison Gong – Eros Diary – (5min, sound)

(06) Jennifer Sharpe ft. sound by Rex Bruce – Bypass – (3min, sound)

(07) Karissa Hahn – _______ – (4min, sound)

(08) Gisela Guzmán – Llegué Bien – (6min, sound)

(09) Kelly Gallagher – Slower – (7min, sound)

(10) Morrison Gong – Festal Flutter – (3min, sound)

(11) Karissa Hahn – Please Step Out Of the Frame – (4min, sound)

(12) Anu Valia – Lucia, Before and After – (14min, sound)

(13) Xiaoer Liu – 2nd Time [Xiaoer Midnight Paintings] – (3min, silent)


All videos made in USA.







USA/english/95 min/Color/DV

“It’s gratifying when an influential underground artist is profiled in an accessible, entertaining documentary. For that reason alone, Mary Jordan’s film “Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis,” whose subject is an antiestablishment director, is worth seeing,…”

Matt Zoller Seitz – The New YorkTimes

“Underground filmmaker, photographer, actor, performance artist, Lower East Side fixture, homosexual, and anticapitalist Jack Smith was a central figure of New York underground culture from the 1960s until his death in 1989. This portrait of Jack Smith is replete with an assemblage of photographs, film clips, and audio recordings of Smith’s own voice, while resurrecting the seminal importance of Smith to the entire development of the 1960s New York underground scene.

Rotten Tomatoes

Rating:            NR

Genre:             Documentary, Musical & Performing Arts, Television

Directed By:   Mary Jordan

Written By:     Mary Jordan

Runtime:         95 minutes

Studio:            Film Forum


Projekcije petkom u Kino klubu Split edukativnog su karaktera, namijenjene članovima i ostalim zainteresiranima, ulaz je besplatan, svi su dobrodošli…


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