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Open call: Seminar “The process of filmmaking – shaping ideas through film”

07. 07. 2021

You are invited to apply for the seminar “The process of filmmaking – shaping ideas through film”, which consists of two parts. The first part is led by Manel Raga, a successful Spanish director of the younger generation, and the second part is led by Sunčica Fradelić, a visual artist and leader of numerous audiovisual projects. The seminar is designed with the assumption that the development of one’s own sensibility rests on a unique, intimate, almost hidden relationship between reality and the director. For this reason the program focuses precisely on strengthening one’s own interpretive methods and practices. We will pay special attention to the relationship between the reality that surrounds us and the way we listen, observe, summarize, transmit and share our ideas in the medium of film. During the program, a selection of films will be shown – both classical and contemporary, and we will focus on the development of the creative process of the mentor, and propose a series of simple format activities that will allow participants to work on their own ideas. In addition, we will use some of the most creative methods used by established contemporary directors in order to help form a deeper relationship with topics that we connect to and wish to elaborate on. From such and similar practices participants will have the opportunity to develop their own idea for their short film.

The first part of the seminar will be held in Cine Club Split, from July 23 to July 28, 2021 in the late afternoons and evenings. The second part of the seminar will be held individually with the participants, August 2-8, depending on their needs and in agreement with the mentor. The second part is intended primarily for the assembly procedure, and after the seminar, there will be a final screening and presentation of the participants’ work.

The program will be held in English. You can apply for participation via the online form, which must be submitted by July 15. The number of participants is limited, and the selection is made by mentors based on applications. No experience is required, but strong motivation to participate in the program is important.

For members of the Cine Club Split, the Croatian Film Association, Kinoklub Zagreb and the Youth Center Platform, the participation fee is 100 kn (proven by a certificate from the parent association). For everyone else, the registration fee is 200 kn. For participants of lower financial status, free participation is possible.

The seminar is part of the Summer Film Programs of the Cine Club Split, and in the coming period there will be a cinematography workshop by Fred Kelemen, a prominent German cameraman, as well as an online workshop ‘From Script to Camera’ by Pilar Palomero, Spanish director and longtime associate of the Cine Club.

Manel was born in Ulldecona in 1985. After co-directing the documentary short film MATANDO EL SUEÑO (2009), he completed an M.A. in Filmmaking at ESCAC in Barcelona. From 2010 to 2012 he worked as a filmmaker with La Fura dels Baus and in 2013 he presented his debut short film LA GALLINA at the Venice Film Festival. The film won more than fifteen awards and was featured in many film festivals around the world. In 2017, he got his PhD in Filmmaking at the film.factory program in Sarajevo, where he was mentored by the Hungarian director Béla Tarr. During this period, he directed documentary shorts ULLDECONA-UMOLJANI and MANEL VIU A SARAJEVO, and in 2018 he finished GRBAVICA (a short adaptation of Franz Kafka’s tale), which was presented in the Locarno Film Festival. His last documentary short, HOMENATGE A JUDES (2019) premiered in Doclisboa, where it won the best short film award.
Currently he is working on the post-production of the film KAO MALI LIST.

Kino klub is supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Center, the Croatian Film Directors Guild, the City of Split and the Kultura Nova Foundation.

Translation: Katarina Duplančić

Photo from archive of KKS: Andrija Pivčević in '60ies
Manel Raga
Still from the film La Gallina (2011)