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Projekcija: Vladimir Kobrin – Retrospektiva Vol. 2 (1990-1996)



U petak 20.12. od 20:30 u projekcijskoj sali Kino kluba Split možete prisustvovati drugoj projekcijskoj večeri iz dvodijelnog ciklusa filmova Vladimira Kobrina. U “Short(s) Petting” predprogramu s početkom u 19:15 prikazujemo odabir suvremenih eksperimentalnih avant-animacija u odabiru kojih je pomogao David King, australski redatelj čije smo filmove prikazali tijekom proteklih termina, te selektor eksperimentalno-avangardnog programa australskog “North Bellarine Film Festivala” festivala. Osim njegovog filma “To the End of Time” (2017) biti će prikazani radovi čiji su autori Anabela Costa, Glasz DeCuir, Ivan Li, Murat Sayginer, Victor Acevedo, Michael Morgan, Winston Hacking, David Webber, Harvey Goldman, Greg Marshall i Brian Ratigan. U produžetku teksta donosimo (na engleskom) integralni tekst s web-portala ruskog filmskog festivala “Flahertiana”.

“Vladimir Kobrin (1942 -1999) – film director, cameramen, production designer and scriptwriter. He was born in Moscow. After graduating from Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), the workshop of B.I.Volchek as a cameraman in 1968 he worked at Moscow studio of edu¬cational and in¬structional films “Centrnauchfilm”. Since 1977 he made 35 films as a director and designer (20 of them are educational films on physics, chemistry and biology). In 1989 he started experimenting with computer image processing technologies in filmmaking. Between 1994-1995 he created around 40 computer processed video essays for the program “The Film Century” on the main Russian public TV channel ORT. Vladimir is the author of several multiscreen computerized films for the Museum of Great Patriotic War on Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow. Since the early 1990s Vladimir actively participated in numerous foreign film forums and festivals in Hamburg, Cologne, Utrecht, Tamper, Oberhausen, Osnabruck, London, Paris, etc. He is a winner of a number of prizes and awards: the Grand-prix at the Festival of Educational Films in Kazan (1989, “Biopotentials”), the Special Prize “Unicum” at the All-Russian Festival of Non-Fiction Films (1989, “Present Continuous”), the Special Prize of the Festival “Nestidnoe kino” (Films of No Shame) in Zarechnoe (1991, “The Last Dream of Anatoly Vasilievich”), the Nika Award  for the Best Popular-Science Film (1994, “Group Portrait Against a Still Life Background”). In 1994 Vladimir was awarded with the  Prize “Poznanie” (Knowledge) for his educational works that have become a part of world cultural and scientific asset and in 1999 with the Prize “Traditional Values and New Generation”  at the Worldview Film Festival (“Absolutely From Nothing”). In the West Vladimir Kobrin was considered a father of Russian avant-garde scientific filmmaking. He was frequently invited to European film-schools with lectures (Cologne, Potsdam, Copenhagen, etc.) and in 1997 he received an invitation from Harvard University Film Achieve.  Special retrospectives of his films were shown at Pesaro Festival in Italy and in Montreal in 1998. Vladimir Kobrin leaded workshops on filmmaking and computer graphics in VGIK and lifelong learning courses of State Film Committee of Russia (GOSKINO). As a charismatic leader, he managed to unite his colleagues and students in a creative group called “Kobrin Screen Studio”.

Vladimir Kobrin died December 7 1999.

In April 2000 the Worldview Film Festival introduced an Award in memory of Vladimir Kobrin.”




“Radioactive Phenomenon”, 1977; “Semiconductors”, 1978; “Mechanical Processing of Semiconductor Materials”, 1978; “Semiconductors”, 1979; “Semiconductors’ Manufacturing Technique”, 1979; “Principal Physics of Quantum Theory”, 1980; “The Science of Mechanics”, 1981; “The Range and Objectives of Biophysics”, 1982; “Special Features of Biological Processes’ Kinetics”, 1983; “High-Molecular Compounds”, 1984; “Control of Biological Processes”, 1985; “Thermodynamics of Biological Processes”, 1986; “Molecular Biophisics”, 1986; “Electron Transfer in Biological Sysstems”, 1987; “Biophysics of enzymatic processes”, 1987; “Transfer of Substances through Biological Membranes”, 1987; “Primary Photobiological Processes”, 1988; “Biopotentials”, 1988; “Self-Organization of Biological Systems”, 1989; “Homo Paradoksum”, 1989; “Present Continuous”, 1989; “Homo Paradoksum-2”, 1990; “The Last Dream of Anatoly Vasilievich”, 1990; “Homo Paradoksum-3”, 1991; “1991=TUT”, 1991; “Steps Into Nowhere”, 1992; “Group Portrait Against a Still Life Background”, 1993; “The First Apocrypha”, 1993; “Future Continuous”, 1993; “Grey Time”, 1994; “Third Reality-1”, 1995; “Third Reality-2”, 1996; “Absolutely from Nothing”, 1998; “GraviDance”, 1999.










The Last Dream of Anatoly Vasilievich (1990)                                                          42:54

“The film in a metaphorical form demonstrates a model of self-devouring in a closed spiritual system, it explores intermediate state between a human and a non-human: a subhuman deprived of a divine spark.” (COW)

1991 Here (S) (1991)                                                                                                             15:07

“At the center of the film is a man-monkey inhabiting various anthropogenic spaces, such as a zoo, city streets and a farmyard. But the attributes inherent in human life (work, marriage, military service, leisure) do not release him from an animal form. During filming in the Crimea (not far from Gorbachev’s villa), the notorious August coup occurred in Moscow and President Gorbachev was arrested and isolated on his villa. The immediate proximity to the scene could not be without impact on the film – Kobrin processed it in his own grotesque form.” (COW)

Third Reality (1995)                                                                                                             14:06

“Film is dedicated to the ontological problems of adaptation of the human spirit in the mental world.” (COW)

Third Reality II (1996)                                                                                                         14:08

“Cinematography in allegory. Film is dedicated to the memory of Svyatoslav Valov, the director of documentary films and Kobrin’s colleague.” (COW)










(01) Anabela Costa – Jailbird (France; 2017) 05:58

Anabela Costa is a visual artist, her work were subject of several solo exhibitions. From the eighties she became interested and moving progressively towards the digital image. Since 2000 she is conducting research in the field of experimental film, based on two axes: the moving image – the aesthetics of representation of movement, and the formalization of thematic and scientific concepts. She made ??a few experimental animation combining these two research areas: Web, TIME, LIQST_liquid state, and Landscape, which were programmed and awarded in international festivals devoted to avant-garde cinema, animation and videoart. She is also involved in international conferences where she presents these movies or articles about the image and its contemporary transformations. Living in Paris since 2010, she continued her artistic research and technology by working with experimental software in the generation of images -still images or moving image.

(02) David King – To the End of Time (Austalia; 2017) 04:39

David King is an award-winning experimental filmmaker, video and photo artist whose works have screened at the Australian National Museum, the Museum of Experimental Art in Mexico City, the BFI Theatre in London, the Nova Cinema in Melbourne, Affero Gallery in USA, and many international film and video festivals. In 2016, he won Best Director award at the Hell Chess Film Festival in Madrid, Spain for his 27-minute.experimental art film EXIT which is available as a Limited Edition DVD.

(03) Glasz DeCuir – Alpha Tribe VI (Spain; 2019) 04:02

Glasz DeCuir is the identity as MACHINIMA Director and screenplay writer of an artist from San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain. Fine Arts Professional who explores New Media Art ways on Digital Cinema since 2009.

(04) Ivan Li – Cathedral (Hong Kong/Canada; 2017) 04:12

Ivan Li is a teacher’s nightmare, multimedia stuff maker. Born and raised in Hong Kong,  BMA grad from Emily Carr University of Art and Design 2019.

(05) Murat Sayginer – The Flying Fish (Czechoslovakia/Turkey; 2019) 21:22

Born in Prague in 1989, Murat Saygıner studied in Paris during his childhood and graduated from Lycee Charles De Gaulle high school in Ankara. He got involved with photography in 2007 and won several international awards. In 2008 his works were selected for ”IPA BEST OF SHOW” exhibition in New York. In 2010 he was awarded Emerging Talent of the Year in the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards. He directed several animated short films since 2013.

(06) Victor Acevedo – Proxima Nova v04 (USA; 2019) 02:51

Victor Acevedo (born 1954 USA) is an artist and desktop computer art pioneer, best known for his digital work involving printmaking, computer graphics and video. He attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena (1979-81). He lived in New York City from 1995-2009 where he taught at the School of Visual Arts, MFA Computer Art program. Acevedo is now based in Los Angeles, California.

(07) Michael Morgan – Requiem Ritual (Australia; 2019) 02:52

Michael Morgan’s Requiem Ritual was the most popular film at the Animation + Experimental + Avant-Garde Program screened during the North Bellarine Film Festival.

(08) Winston Hacking – Erodium Thunk (Canada; 2018) 02:49

Winston Hacking is a filmmaker and collage artist from Canada. His techniques often masquerade as animation in an attempt to deceive the viewers eyes. His work has garnered millions of views online and has been covered by The New York Times, Vice, Pitchfork, Juxtapoze, Vogue and Vimeo Staff Picks

(09) David Webber – Letter A (USA; 2018) 07:15

David Webber is an Assistant Professor of New Media at the University of Central Oklahoma where he teaches video, sound, installation and interactive art. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Webber received a BFA from Tufts University in Medford, MA and School of the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston, MA. His MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts was received from New York State College of Art & Design at Alfred University in Alfred, NY. As an artist, Webber works primarily with time-based media and interactive installations. In his spare time he makes analog synthesizers and electro-acoustic music.

(10) Harvey Goldman – Uriel (USA; 2019) 05:42

Goldman’s work in the field of animation can be cataloged under the categories of experimental film and visual music. Goldman’s work has been displayed in film festivals worldwide, including the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the Corcoran Gallery of Art the White Box Museum, Beijing, China, and MuVi4, in conjunction with the Fifth International conference; Synaesthesia: Science and Art, Alcalà la Real, Jaèn, Spain. His animation “Sabinium” was created in collaboration with composer Ken Ueno. “Brahmanda”, “Enigma” and “Passaddhi” have been created in collaboration with Chinese composer Jing Wang.

(11) Greg Marshall – Bearing (Canada; 2018) 02:42

Greg Marshall is a video artist from Calgary who has shown recent work nationally and internationally at festivals and exhibits in Scotland, Wales, the US, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Czech Republic, and the Ukraine as well as in Canada. His recent film bearing was also selected for the biennial New Technology Art Award Exhibition (NTAA) Edition 2019 in Ghent, Belgium for the month of November, as well at Cutlog Artists Moving Image Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh. Often through a meditative process his work tends to examine the effects of technology and dislocation in its various forms including war.

(12) Brian Ratigan – Dull Hope (USA; 2018) 02:45

Brian Ratigan is an award-winning animator and director of stop motion films and experimental work. He is the founder of Non Films and is based in New York City. Ratigan serves as Director of Animation for Kumar Pictures, co-founded Atlanta production company Sugartooth Group, and manages Chaotic Cinema.


CO-SELECTOR: DAVID KING (North Bellarine Film Festival; Australia)


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