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Filmmaking workshop Kino-I: politicizing the personal + personalizing the political with Travis and Erin Wilkerson

15. 01. 2023

As part of our international program Mind the Image we announce and invite all interested to apply for the filmmaking workshop Kino-I: politicizing the personal + personalizing the political with Travis and Erin Wilkerson.

Workshop will be held at Kino klub Split (Dom mladih, Ulica slobode 28) from 17 to 22 February. Applications for the workshop  are open until February 10 through the online form. After a five day program, participants will continue to work on their own projects until the end of May, when produced films will be publicly presented. Introduction to the workshop will be held on February 17 at 7 PM. Schedule will be defined together with selected participants.
Participation fee is 20 euro.

Previous experience is desirable, but not necessary.  We are also accepting applications for filmmakers in the final phase of production for consultations and workshop. 

Historically, personal filmmaking has tended to be a movement away from the political. When politics are defined in such broad strokes that “everything” is political, this can also paradoxically mean that nothing has a meaningful political charge. But, in this historic moment, the deeply personal has abruptly become deeply political, if engaged rigorously, humbly, and critically. This five-day workshop will explore the potential points of collision between the personal and political. Each of the participants defines this question in an exciting and distinct manner. Some place their own identities and experiences front and center. Others define their work as “personal” in more elusive ways – the critical analysis, the direct experience, the confrontation at ground level. At their core, they embrace the personal at its highest form – where personal creative expression becomes a deeply social gesture. Sometimes, looking inward is an escape from the greater world. Sometimes, looking inward is the direct fraught path into the greater world.

Erin Wilkerson (b. 1982, Los Angeles) is an American filmmaker, writer, and visual artist dedicated to investigating physical and cognitive borderlands, methodologies of radical care, and the curation and collection of counter-archive. As cofounder of the political art collective, Creative Agitation, her work has exhibited at the Berlinale, Viennale, and Venice Bienniale. She is the Managing Editor of the online newsreel, NOW Journal, which is a platform for urgent praxis, in response to world events. Her mixed media, film, and performance work investigates colonial settlement, ecology, and the post-industrial landscape, this is an expansion of early professional work in landscape architecture which instilled in her a drive for sustainability and questioning land use practices. Instilled with a drive to share knowledge, she has taught workshops and classes internationally. She is currently a PhD in Practice and Research candidate, through the TransArt Institute and Liverpool John Moores University, creating a body of work that expands the definition of “Invasive Species”. 

Travis Wilkerson‘s internationally recognized body of filmmaking crosses boundaries with documentary and fiction, performance, and activism. At the epicenter of his work is the ongoing search for meeting points of aesthetic eloquence and political engagement, produced with an absolute modesty of material resources, as self-sufficiently as possible. In 2015, Sight & Sound called Wilkerson “the political conscience of American cinema.” His films have screened at hundreds of venues and festivals worldwide, including Sundance, Toronto, Locarno, Rotterdam, Vienna, Yamagata, the FID Marseille and the Musée du Louvre. The NY Times called his most recent film “Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?”,  “an urgent, often corrosive look at America’s past and present through the prism of family, patriarchy, white supremacy and black resistance.” 1n 2020, The New Yorker called it one of the “Sixty-Two Films That Shaped the Art of Documentary Filmmaking.” His essay film on the lynching of Wobbly Frank Little  — “An Injury to One “– was named one of the best avant-garde films of the decade by Film Comment and a “political-cinema landmark” by the LA Times. His work with Erin Wilkerson in Creative Agitation was included in the Venice Biennale. His writings on film have appeared in Cineaste, Kino!, and Senses of Cinema. He has taught filmmaking at the University of Colorado, CalArts, Pomona College, Vassar College, and LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore.  He is Associate Professor of Documentary Practice, Duke Kunshan University. 

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