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Open Call: Kino klub Split will host two workshops by prominent experts


Four-day screenplay workshop by Kinga Keszthelyi will be held at the Kino klub Split, June 17-20. The workshop programme covers both group lectures and individual sessions with selected participants. The workshop will be conducted in English. All interested candidates can apply HERE via application form.

Kinga Keszthelyi is a graduate of the Budapest Theatre and Film Academy. After working as a dramaturge in a regional theatre, in 2000 she took up the position in Katona József Színház, one of the most renowned Hungarian theatres. She was a Fulbright Scholar at the Columbia School of the Arts in New York, Dramaturgy and Management Program. In 2004 she started working for TT Filmmhely, Béla Tarr production company, and since 2013 she works as a freelance dramaturge in theatre, film and opera. She taught courses in dramaturgy and screenplay at the international film school film.factory in Sarajevo.



KKS will also host a film criticism workshop under mentorship of Jonathan Rosenbaum, June 17-20. The workshop programme will focus on two Orson Welles movies: F for fake and The Other Side of the Wind, and the participants will be encouraged to produce their own pieces of film criticism. The workshop will be conducted in English. All interested candidates can apply HERE via application form.

Jonathan Rosenbaum worked as film critic for the Chicago Reader from 1987 until early 2008. He is the author of fifteen books. During the course of his prolific career, Rosenbaum was a contributor for a number of magazines, including Cahiers du cinéma, The Village Voice, Film Comment and Sight & Sound. He taught film at the UC San Diego, following an invitation by Manny Farber, and was a visiting professor of film at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia (2010-2011). At the film.factory programme in Sarajevo he held courses in world cinema and American independent and alternative film (2013-2015). Rosenbaum was a consultant on Orson Welles’s Touch of Evil and The Other Side of the Wind. His articles are published regularly on his website Currently he is giving a series of lectures on Orson Welles at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago.

Applications are open until June 3rd and the list of selected participants will be published at website not later than June 10. Attendance is free and candidates can submit applications for one or both workshops.