About the club

Cine Club Split is a non-profit organization active since 1952, with the aim of developing audiovisual culture and arts and providing space, technical and production resources for educational purposes and production, screenings and presentation of cultural and artistic content.

Activities of the Cine Club cover three main areas: Education, Production and Archive.

Educational activities are conducted within the frame of the film school programme, film theory lectures, workshops, film screenings programme, seminars, masterclass and lab. Programming activities are designed to follow the current developments and interdisciplinary educational methods in the media, audiovisual and film arts, founded on professional experience and creativity of lecturers and programme coordinators.

Quality level of all activities is advanced by continuous monitoring of results, quality assessment of completed projects and applying best practice and methods, with constant introduction of new concepts. The Club represents an open and flexible system, able to quickly respond to the requirements and needs of the members and the community and to put into effect previously unforeseen or unplanned programmes and ideas, leading to advancements in overall work and development of knowledge, skills, critical thinking and creativity of all participants.

Free use of equipment and space is guaranteed, as well as autonomy and freedom of expression for all members. During the past six decades of active work, over 600 short films were produced by Cine Club Split, out of which 290 films were shot on film stock. Over one hundred of our authors made their own films, some successful and some less so. Numerous awards won at amateur and alternative film competitions and festivals, on national and international level, contribute to the position of Cine Club Split as one of the most productive and successful clubs in Croatia. Up until today, five generations of authors have emerged from the Club.

We are currently witnessing full transformation – from the system that existed in the past, with groups of authors with distinctive expression, we are now becoming a multifunctional system with a considerable number of members who do not necessarily work together or follow the same convictions, and may have very different aesthetics. The cohesive element is still a sense of solidarity and the shared perspective: cost-free equipment, access to education and artistic freedom. Cooperation, coproduction and partnership projects have grown in number and are now common practice between the members, who have the freedom to work in film as amateurs, professionals or hobbyists, and to design and propose their own programmes. Recent generations of auteurs continue to express themselves independently and clearly through the cinematic language, and their work is successfully presented at national and international festivals and selected film streaming platforms. In the future, the Club will strive to become a regional audiovisual centre.

Who is who

Ana Čukušić

  • – Program Coordinator and PR

Graduated Art History and Philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split. After a one-year professional training program at the Museum of Fine Arts in Split, she passed the professional exam for a curator. Furthermore, she broadened her education in the field of digital marketing. Her professional interests are related to curatorial practices with an emphasis on community art, participatory practices and audience development. She works as a curator, participates in the organization of various exhibition projects and events, occasionally writes art reviews for Vijenac and radio show Triptich HRT – HR3. Previously, she worked at Cine Club Split sorting and organizing archival material. She worked as an external associate/ assistant at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split, Department of Art History. She currently works as a social media coordinator at the Museum of Fine Arts in Split and co-head of the Gallery Kvart. She is a member of HULU Split.

Andrea Remetin

  • – Secretary

Holds a bachelor’s degree in French and Spanish (language and literature) from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. She completed her postgraduate degree in European Studies in 2009, organized jointly by the University of Panthéon Assas, Paris and the University of Zagreb. Furthermore, Andrea broadened her education in the field of art and culture at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. In her professional career she worked in operational marketing and handling public relations in multinational corporations. Moreover, she was head of PR in film distribution for numerous independent films, as well as for Disney blockbusters. In most recent years, she has been producer in performing arts (theater and contemporary dance). Presently, Andrea is actively involved in the production of interdisciplinary cultural projects.

Tonći Gaćina

  • – Vice-president (2011 – 2021)
  • – Professional associate

Vice-president of the Cine Club Split and president of the Croatian Film Association. Completed undergraduate study programme in Film and Video at the Academy of Arts (UMAS, Split) and graduate study in Film and TV Directing at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art (ADU). At the cine-club, he is in charge of developing the strategy of procurement of equipment and locations for club activities and acts as repository supervisor. Since 2004, he worked on many auteur and commercial film projects, as focus puller, gaffer, cameraman and director, gaining experience on over one hundred national and foreign film and TV productions. As an external associate/ assistant at the Academy of Dramatic Art, he is engaged in documentary film courses taught at the Department of Film and TV Directing. Tonći teaches documentary film at the film school programme and the specialised documentary film workshop of Cine Club Split. Author of the mid-length doc Tourism! and several short films shown and awarded at film festivals in Croatia and abroad.

Franko Sardelić Kolinac

  • – Production supervisor and technical support

Graduated from the School of Design, Graphics and Sustainable Construction in Split, majoring in web design. He works as a lighting technician on numerous programs, public events and projects, and as an assistant in maintenance, storage and logistical distribution of equipment (Croatel d.o.o., Zagreb, Rabbit Rock Z.O., Split).

Rino Efendić

  • – Head of Analogue Photo Lab

Author of a number of photo exhibitions, street art shows, sound installations … His works have been shown at over ten solo exhibitions and numerous group ones. He also organises and teaches several public film and educational programmes (Visual arts for citizens based on lectures of Radovan Ivančević, Short Courses in Photography, One Year of Film – Public Library Juraj Šižgorić Šibenik). For many years he taught photography at the School of Visual Arts. Cofounder of the contemporary art association KVART.

Sunčica Fradelić

  • – Professional associate for international programs

Completed formal education in 2006, earning a MFA degree in Arts, Painting at the Academy of Arts in Split (UMAS). She has been at the helm of the Cine Club Split since 2008. and president 2011 – 2023. Between 2006 and 2011 she worked as an external associate/ assistant at UMAS, Department of Film and Video, on several courses (Short Film and Video, New Media, Performance etc.). In the period 2011 – 2016 Sunčica worked as a principal co-operator of Bela Tarr on development and implementation of the film.factory programme in Sarajevo, as programme coordinator for DLA and MA degrees and office manager of the film.factory project office. While attending the film.factory doctoral degree studies, she established cooperation with renowned film directors, actors, producers, critics and film professionals. Her work experience covers numerous amateur and professional productions, coproductions and projects, workshops and educational programmes, with job positions ranging from production supervisor, producer and executive producer to publishing, editorial, mentoring, curating and jury tasks. She has been an independent auteur since 2004 and her works have been shown at exhibitions and festivals both at national and international level. She was  vice-president of the Youth Centre Platform in Split 2017 – 2021. She was elected vice-president of the Croatian Film Association in 2021. – 2023.

Tina Ljubenkov

  • – Professional associate
Tina Ljubenkov is a final year (B.A.) Film and Video student at the Arts Academy in Split (UMAS). As an award-winning photographer, she participated in many group photographic exhibitions as well as one group video installation exhibition. Throughout her studies she became a member of Cine Club Split and worked on several film projects on various positions, but her passion lies in both lighting and camera department. Aside from filming, Ljubenkov has always been interested in videogames. This passion eventually led to becoming a content creator and videographer for British videogame website Tomb of Ash (associated with Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix).

Boris Poljak

  • – President

Born in 1959 in Split, where he graduated from high school and studied law. Active member of Cine Club Split since 1978, participating in production of a dozen of amateur films, as cameraman or author. Started professional film career in 1988. Worked as director of photography on over fifty short (documentary and experimental) films, three feature films and several feature-length documentaries. He directed seven films, three of which are co-authored by Damir Čučić. Long-standing member of Cine Club Split and Croatian Film Association. Facilitated a number of film shooting workshops (School of Media Culture “Ante Peterlić”, Cine Club Split etc.). Won numerous awards at national and international festivals, most notable are recognitions received at festivals in Nyon, Karlovy Vary and Oberhausen. Lives and works in Split.

Ivan Perić

  • – Member of the Executive Committee

Graduated Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Split, completed MFA degree at the Split Academy of Arts. Participated in a number of film workshops. Author of experimental and feature films, music videos and promotional films, screened at international film festivals worldwide. He won a number of awards for his work. Coordinator of the film school programme at the Cultural Centre in Omiš. Selected as participant in the international documentary film workshop Ex Oriente. Author of professionally produced feature-length film “Saints” and the first Croatian one-take feature film “Sirens and Screams”. Executive producer on Danilo Šerbedžija feature film “Tereza 33” and producer of the documentary “The Bay” directed by Bruno Pavić.

Dora Baras

  • – Member of the Executive Committee

Holds MA degree in Comparative Literature and Art History from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb. She completed two years of Postgraduate Studies of Literature, Culture, Performing Arts and Film at the same Faculty. Her practical workings in the Film Studies began by coordinating program for Film Mutations: Festival of Invisible Cinema, Zagreb, 2007. She was festival director & principal programmer for Human Rights Film Festival, Zagreb, 2008, and for Subversive Film Festival, Zagreb, 2008 – 2011.; the later one she cofounded with Srećko Horvat. Alongside with her curatorial practice, she has extensive experience in film education; starting with the BA Department for Animated Film and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, 2008-2009. From 2010- 2021 she was teaching courses in Film History and Film Analysis at the MA Department of Film and Media Art at the Arts Academy in Split. In 2017 she completed Film School at Cine Club Split, whose member she’s been ever since and a collaborator since 2018 onwards, on the School of Media Culture project. In 2021 she became International Baccalaureate (IB) ‘MYP Arts’ educator in Film and Visual Arts. She’s been head of the competition jury and expert collaborator in workshops for youth program
for International Archeology Film Festival, run by the Museum of Croatian Archeological Monuments in Split. In 2016 she completed Screenwriting School(run by ‘Palunko’, of Croatian Film Association) and has taken extensive screenwriting workshops ever since; she is currently finishing her first feature script, supported by Croatian Audiovisual Centre, and developing a short film and a documentary, as a screenwriter and director. She adores films in all shapes & sizes and she’s an avid fan of Cine Club Split!

Tonči Kranjčević Batalić

  • – Member of the Executive Committee

Active in the areas of innovative artistic and curating practices, holds a degree in Art History. Expresses a particular interest in the medium of video, actualized through artistic explorations within the collective queerANarchive and amateur productions of Cine Club Split. His working experience includes curating programmes qEXHIBITIONS for queerANarchive and NMG@PRAKTIKA for association Mavena and writing for independent portals pogledaj.to and STav. He does coordination and research work for the collective queerANarchive and acts as a coordinator for the association Queer Sport Split. Member of Cine Club Split and professional association of visual artists HULU Split. Secretary of Cine Club Split since 2018.

Darko Duilo

  • – Head of the Film Screening Programme (2008 – 2020)

Born in 1973 in Split. During the late 80s he attended amateur film, photography and IT workshops in the Video and IT Club Varoš in his home town, followed by probing the activities of Cine Club Split, while at the same time independently working on experimental amateur movies shot using VHS (Panasonic 2000) and Super 8 cameras. He left Split to pursue university studies in Zadar and Zagreb and spent some time in the 90s abroad, all the while remaining a devoted cinephile. He successfully completed his studies in Sociology and Philosophy (postponing the PhD), followed by a stint as a journalist for several daily newspapers (Slobodna Dalnacija, Jutarnji List, Dan), also writing occasional essays in the field of humanities and teaching in high school. With the start of the new century, he joined Cine Club Split as a permanent member, completing the film school course and attending all basic workshops. Sometimes he worked on film productions, performing various tasks. Member of the editorial board of “Split Film School – 60 Years of Cine Club Split” and author of the educational publication “Avant-garde Film – 10 years of film screenings 2008-2018”. He was continually curating and managing educational film screenings programme held every Friday until March 2020. Also involved in preparing and teaching courses at maritime colleges and freelancing as a translator.


Split Film School – 60 years of Cine Club Split

Hard cover, 165 pages, bilingual (cro/eng), comes with DVD. Can be ordered.