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U sklopu ovogodišnjeg drugog pilot izdanja festivala “Towards a New Queer Cinema Fest” kao spin-off festivalskih projekcija koje se od 26.10. (s izuzetkom 2.11.) održavaju svake subote u prostoru LGBT Centra Split (u suorganizaciji s udrugom “QueerAnarchive”) u projekcijskoj dvorani Kino kluba Split 7.11. biti će održane premijerne projekcije novih radova grčkog guerilla queer autora i svestranog prezentera filmske avangarde Giorgosa Efthimioua, te fem-queer redateljice, venecuelanke s američkom adresom Marie Beatty čiji smo film Bandaged (2009) prikazali u sklopu prošlogodišnjeg prvog pilot izdanja festivala, a ciklus njuenih filmova bio je i na repertoaru Kino kluba Split tijekom studenoga 2016. Moglo bi se kazati, s obzirom na ishodišne geografske točke, odnosno mjesta rođenja naših ovogodišnjih “zvijezda u odsutnosti”, a to su Petroúpolis i Caracas, poznate svjetske “metropole cvijeća”, kako će Kino klubom Split tijekom ove posebne večeri dominirati “flower-power” ugođaj, a nadajmo se i kako će to sve proći bez zaudaranja stajskog gnoja na koji su neki od administrativnih autoriteta (sic!) grada Splita kao prijestolnice mediteranske drače i carstva agava oguglali daleko preko ruba gađenja. Ulaz je besplatan, svi dobronamjerni posjetitelji su dobrodošli. Informacije o autorima i podatke o filmovima koji slijede (na engleskom jeziku) izdvojili smo sa službenih web stranica:


Giorgos Efthimiou

Giorgos Efthimiou is a filmmaker, writer, stage director & curator. He is filmmaking since 2011, he has made several short films and one feature film. His films have been screened and awarded in several international film festivals. In theater, he directs and sometimes play in performances with the group MetATiLIthi. He also collaborates with the group Anosia. He make visuals for live music shows, dance shows, and performances. He has written two books: .Pikrofeggara(poetry) & Deyteri Yli (short stories). Also he is founder & curator in Pugnant Film Series. With Pugnant Film Series organizes screening events that focus in independent cinema era. Also with Pugnant Film Series has collaborated with many festivals as Syros International Film Festival and Bideodromo International film festival. As curator is also member of the underground Athenian collective team of Chimeres. In the past he has curated a seminar about short films & filmmaking in Cinema Section of Athens University Club Cultural Society., Greece, Greece


Maria Beatty

Beatty is celebrated as an auteur of her own self-devised genre, as one of the most passionate and bravest filmmakers today. Working with themes of feminism, subversion, abjection, body politics and the agency of womens’ desire over a career spanning more than two decades. Maria Beatty has produced and directed films for over twenty-seven years that are on the cutting edge of art and female eroticism, they aren’t porn like what you would find on but they are totally and 100% erotic. A precursor of the so-called new wave of “erotic noir,” she is renown for her profound explorations of female sexuality, body politics and lesbian desires. Her vision is inspired by expressionist German cinema, French surrealism, American film noir, and gay underground filmmakers such as Jean Genet and Kenneth Anger, who set new standards in erotic cinema. After a start in the ’80s as a photographer for musicians and performance artists, Beatty started filming in Super 8, making experimental short movies that profiled the eccentric women and transexuals living in her former neighborhood, the Lower East Side of New York City. In 1989, she directed her first film, entitled Gang of Souls, a documentary that explored the insights and influence of the Beat poets on the artistic rock and poetry scene. Artists featured in this film include William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Jim Carroll, Marianne Faithfull, Richard Hell, Lydia Lunch, and Henry Rollins. Concurrently, she was a curator in a cultural media center, programming videos made by minorities and activists. Soon after, she directed two more documentaries, these about women who use their bodies as a powerful tool in performance art. The first one, entitled, Sphinxes Without Secrets (1991) presents some of the most engaging work produced by women performance artists, among them Diamanda Galas, Carolee Schneemann, Holly Hughes, and Annie Sprinkle. Sluts and Goddesses (1992) came next; it delves into the slut and goddess sides of female sexuality. In 1995, Beatty conceived and produced her first erotic film, which was shot in black and white, without spoken words, and accompanied by experimental music and sound composed by John Zorn. In it, she portrays a submissive maid, in a sadomasochistic relationship with another woman, played by her lover at the time, it’s not full of Hot Nude Girls, Naked Pornstars, Pussy Porn Videos so if that’s what you were expecting then you might be disappointed. The following film, in 1997, was The Black Glove, which quickly became a cult film. That same year, she started her own distribution company, Bleu Productions, and since then she has produced, directed and edited over thirty lesbian and queer transgressive erotic films. She has performed in several of her movies, live stage performances, and was featured in the documentaries, Didn’t Do It For Love by Monika Treut and Fetishes by Nick Broomfield.




Giorgos Efthimiou – Night Pointer (2019)


Digital Color 31 min


Maria Beatty – Spit and Ashes (2019)

Bleu Productions

Digital Blac&White/Color 69 min



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